More space for Spa dreams at the Rosenalp

So beautiful. Our new Rosenalp Spa.

Experience the new Rosenalp light cuisine combined with many refreshing Spa moments! The new Rosenalp Spa offers much more space, more light, more water and more offers for delightful Spa moments on 2000 m².

  • A new panoramic indoor swimming pool with an elevated gallery & relaxing zone
  • All year round heated outdoor pool with jacuzzi lounges
  • Lots of individual peaceful retreating areas
  • Three new treatment rooms for Spa and beauty treatments
  • Hotel garden with amazing views of the mountains
  • Finnish sauna, steam bath, low temperature sauna and infra-red cabin
  • Kneipp walkway and Kneipp treatments
  • Light therapy of the newest generation - more than just tanning

Welcome at Rosenalp

The five elements of health

Spring fever – all year long

Feels so good. Experience our fantastic specials.

  • Original Schrothkur Oberstaufen 14 Tage

    The Schroth cure is a comprehensive naturopathic treatment with alternating days of drinking plenty and drinking little to detoxify the body thoroughly.

    from € 1.890 P. P.

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  • Allgäuer Kurzauszeit 2 Übernachtungen

    For those who want a short break from everyday life. Check in - feel relaxed - refreshed for your daily routine!

    from € 352 P. P.

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  • Loslassen & genießen 7 Übernachtungen

    Live, feel well and enjoy! Treat yourself to a few of days of relaxation in our new Rosenalp Spa and enjoy wonderful Spa treatments!

    from € 1.120 P. P.

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  • Metabolic Balance 7 Übernachtungen

    Weight reduction, improvement in fitness and permanent well-being? This is not a dream but possible with Metabolic Balance®

    from € 1.435 P. P.

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How you awaken your joy of life at Rosenalp

Feel at ease. Joy and relaxation at the health resort Rosenalp in the region of the Allgäu


How eating less gives you more energy.

So healing: Schroth Cure at the Rosenalp

Why does the Schroth Cure have a positive effect on the body’s self-healing powers? It cleanses and detoxes the body, which in turn stimulates the organism and aids the self-healing powers. The results are more energy and less ailments! This is why the Schroth Cure is a recognised naturopathic treatment for a variety of indications.

about the Schroth Cure
Ernährung Schrothkur Kur Rosenalp

A healthy lifestyle has a name: Rosenalp

Feel at ease: Passionate about healty eating

All people are different and therefore also require the right individual nutrition. That’s why the Rosenalp guest benefits from our wide spectrum of offers: Fasting Cure & Schroth Cure, Metabolic Balance and Logi-Method, or specific dietary requirements for guests with intolerances. If need be, you can ask for advice at the Rosenalp to find the best solution for you.

Rosenalp Nutrition